Money Does Grow On Trees - The time has come to move towards a new paradigm of money mastery where we know that money isn’t hard to come by and that it is not limited the way we were once led to believe.

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Many people have ideas everyday that sit and collect dust when they should be collecting money. To “monetize” means to turn something into money. What that something turns out to be is up to you and this book will help you do it. This book also comes with a free website builder to help you build a high quality monetized website without writing a single line of code!

Put Your Ideas To Work!

You'll be glad you did.

How to Monetize Anything is packed with tips and exercises to help jar your imagination, open your eyes and monetize.

You'll learn how to take your idea from concept to cash flow by providing the essential tools to help you not only build your business but to think independently from a business-like mindset.

Work From Anywhere

Your book is compatible with all smartphones and tablets and your web builder works in the cloud on any pc.


Finding a Niche

How do you identify your niche? A good place to start is finding out who it is that you want to serve. Do you want to sell to businesses or consumers? Do you want to provide a service or a product? If you're having a hard time answering these questions, begin with the ones that you do know the answers to, such as, what are you good at? What are your hobbies and interests? What skills do you have that you're most proud of? And more importantly, what do you...

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How the internet works for your business

Astonishingly easy website builder

Your web builder includes 26 pixel perfect website, each page has a unique design and a high conversion rate that will be great for your next project. It also allows you to create a website with unlimited possibilities without writing a line of code. Export & import your website so you can make changes anytime you want without losing your work.

Business Ideas

So you have a business idea. What next? Good question. Below I’ll present options for you to consider when buying domains and show the many different ways in which you can manage them. Once you’ve determined what kind of business you’re going to start and what you want to name it, the next important step is purchasing a corresponding domain. Whenever I have a business idea the absolute first thing I do is...

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In This Book You'll Learn:
~How to build your own monetized website

~How to identify new business opportunities for your existing or new business

~How to track your company's progress and performance in real-time

~How to lay out a map for the future of your business

~How to make money in your sleep and create the flexibility to work from anywhere
When people think of making their own money, most tend to believe that all they need is a good idea. While having one is helpful, it’s still not enough because the truth is that if you don’t know what to do after the inspiration presents itself, turning a profit won’t happen no matter how brilliant the idea is. Adopting a particular mentality about monetization and having a respect for its process will be the difference between making money with ease and doing so laboriously.

Amazing Free Website Builder!

Your HTMA website builder includes 26 different page layouts that enable you to create unlimited pages with unlimited possibilities. There are more than 200 elements and over twelve popup layouts you can choose from to make a fully functional website in minutes just like this.


What our readers say

Great tips on how the web works and how to make money from my ideas. Awesome web builder too!

Samantha B. NYC

How To Monetize Anything

About the Author

Raised in the Bay Area of Northern California, Damion Hollomon the co-founder of HolloHosting and Author of “Shut Up and Startup" gives you step-by-step instructions on how to turn your concepts into cash flow. If you have an idea that you're ready to monetize, this book is for you!